St. Mary  Advocates Inc.  

50 Years of Service to the  Community

Formerly known as the Auxiliary of  St. Mary Hospital  and Hoboken University Medical Center Center

St. Mary Advocates was formerly known as the Hoboken University Medical  Center Auxiliary. When HUMC was sold to a for- profit group in late 2011  the Auxiliary could no longer operate as a charitable organization affiliated with the hospital. It reincorporated  itself as St. Mary Advocates, Inc  a nonprofit charitable organization. Its new name reflected the original name of the organization - the St. Mary Women's Auxiliary - founded in 1966. Our mission is to raise funds for health care and health education

              Committee Chairpersons

Trish DeRose                          Thrift Store

Renee Turonis                         Scholarship

Marietta Chaneski                   Hospitality

Catherine Ferrara                    Programming


 Advisory Board

Francis Bove                           

Catherine Ferrara

Lucille Casulli              


Elizabeth Falco                      President

Catherine Ferrara                  Vice President

Dominic Casulli                      Treasurer

Josephine DeGennaro          Secretary

Robert Chaneski                  Corresponding

Past Presidents Of Our Organization

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Mary Ann DePascale Charter President


Marguerite Quinn *


Inez Scrivani *


Margaret Kroll *


Ann Blohm


Lucille Casulli


Carlotta Winslow


Margaret McFeeley


Lucille Casulli


Ann Accetta



Dina McKnight


Frances Bove


Anna R. Barella


Doris McLaughlin


Elizabeth Falco


Patricia Pope


Trish DeRose


Catherine Ferrara


Beverly Altomare


Josephine DeGennaro


Patricia Pope


Maria Reilly


Lucille Casulli


Patricia Pope


Dorothy DeMauro


Sarah Passante