St. Mary  Advocates Inc.  

50 Years of Service to the  Community

Formerly known as the Auxiliary of  St. Mary Hospital  and Hoboken University Medical Center Center

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Thrift Store Hours of Operation   

       Wednesday   10  -2  PM

       Thursday, Friday, Saturday     12:30-  4:30 PM


Thrift Store Telephone    201-795-2174

Our Thrift Store at 536 Garden Street  Hoboken  provides 3  distinct services.

First and perhaps foremost, it provides very inexpensive  clothes, toys and other items for  citizens of  Hoboken who  need them.

Second,  the proceeds  are used to support needy organizations and individuals.  You can  view our donations on  this website.

Finally,  items contributed to the Thrift store are tax deductible as we are recognized by  the  IRS as a charitable organization.