St. Mary  Advocates Inc.  

50 Years of Service to the  Community

Formerly known as the Auxiliary of  St. Mary Hospital  and Hoboken University Medical Center Center

Charitable Gifts by St. Mary Advocates, Inc. 2012- September 2019

Grantee                                                                                                  Grant in Dollars

Hoboken American Legion Homeless Veteran Housing                             12000

Shriners Hospital For Children                                                                       7000

HUMC ER Privacy Screens                                                                             5000

Reach Out and Read                                                                                      2000

Nursing Scholarships                                                                                   65000

Wounded Warriors                                                                                        12410

Trac chair for NJ veteran Amputee                                                              21495

Alexia Research Alliance                                                                                5000      

Franciscans Womens Aid                                                                            10000

Hoboken Ambulance Corp                                                                           12500

Hoboken Community Health Center                                                              7500

American Cancer Society                                                                               5903

Visiting Homemakers Hudson County                                                           2500

Autism Speaks                                                                                                6000

Hoboken Community Health Center Magazines                                           1500

Susan G. Komen Foundation                                                                        1120

WII Consoles for Pediatric HUMC  ER                                                           1087

Adopt a Soldier                                                                                              1000

Alzheimer Association                                                                                   1500

Junior National Young Leaders Conference  Andrew Paredes                     500  

DePinto Cancer  Charity                                                                                   500             

March Of Dimes                                                                                                500

Railmen For Children                                                                                      1000

Rotary Books For Children                                                                              500

Conners School Children Bus Trip to Macy's Parade Studio                       450

Hoboken High LGBT Club      T shirts                                                           1000

HUMC Foundation                                                                                            200

Maternity Baskets                                                                                            100

St. Jude Children’s Hospital                                                                            125

Hoboken Family Alliance Bike Program for Handicapped Children            1500

Camp Moore for Children                                                                                  50

Carepoint Foundation                                                                                      500


Total                                                                                                         $ 122290

Prior to the Hoboken Hospital becoming a for profit entity in  late 2011 the Advocates   

 were known first as the St. Mary Hospital Auxiliary and later as the HUMC Auxiliary.    

Beginning  in 1966, the  Auxiliary raised  $2,782,747 in support of the hospital.   

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