St. Mary  Advocates Inc.  

50 Years of Service to the  Community

Formerly known as the Auxiliary of  St. Mary Hospital  and Hoboken University Medical Center Center

Our organization was formed in 1966 - a time when the old hospital buildings  were being replaced by the current structures. In 1966 a  pledge of $50,000 was made to furnish the Dr. Kiely Memorial Laboratory in the new South Tower.

By 1970 that pledge was fulfilled and another $50,000 pledged to furnish the sixth floor of the new North Tower. That pledge was fulfilled in 1973.

Over the next 20 years -  1974 through 1993,  $1,280,471 was given to the hospital in a succession of pledges. The bulk of these funds went towards the Building Fund.

From 1994 through mid 2002  $939,000 was given directly to the hospital and the hospital foundation that was created in the mid  1990s.

From mid 2002 through 2010  $448,000 was raised for the hospital foundation. The bulk of these funds , $ 409,043  was used for the new emergency room built in 2009.  $30,000 was used to fund a Bioterrorism project in 2002. $8898  was used for  Pediatric Department equipment and $600 was used for a education department TV.

As a final gift just before the hospital became for profit, the emergency room fish tank was refurbished and restocked for $3000 in response to a request from the hospital.

Over the years our organization raised $2,782,747 for the hospital. Thank you auxilians, volunteers,  thrift shop donors, customers and those who supported our fundraisers.

During this period funds were also raised for charities such as the Susan G. Komen  Foundation for Breast Cancer Cure.

Funds raised by the Saint Mary Hospital (HUMC)  Auxiliary  1966 - 2011